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Thread: Sencha Touch Selectfield Change event didn't work ?

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    Default Sencha Touch Selectfield Change event didn't work ?

    Hi Friends,

    i have some shortage issue in selectfield change event. In normal case it works fine. but In case display texts are same and values are different change event didn't work.

    Example :
             xtype: 'selectfield',
             label: 'Choose one',
             options: [{text: 'First Option',  value: 'first'},
                            {text: 'First Option', value: 'second'},
                            {text: 'Third Option',  value: 'third'}],
             listeners : {
                     change : function (selectField, newValue, oldValue)
    But when i try in html code these values work fine, in Sencha touch only i got issue. Please check this and help to fix.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Thanks for the report. It looks like that issue is being tracked on this thread:

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