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Thread: multiselect field validation focus not working - border not highlight in red color

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    Default multiselect field validation focus not working - border not highlight in red color

    Hi team,

    xtype: multiselectfield, multiselect

    xtype: 'multiselect',
    displayField: 'Name',
    labelWidth: 80,
    height: 130,
    allowBlank: false,
    valueField: 'Id',
    selModel: {
    mode: 'SIMPLE'
    width: 420,
    store: mystore

    If not select any item from multiselect and click submit button then not highlight multiselect box in red color.


    step 1: clear button then show right side validation icon but multiselect box not highlight in red color.


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    Hi atmiyadas2014,

    Hopefully you've gotten this to work, if not could you put your example in a fiddle (

    Is your example not showing the validation error as depicted in the examples?


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