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Thread: Race condition with ViewModel formulas and Model loads

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    Default Race condition with ViewModel formulas and Model loads

    This one is hard to describe, so the fiddle is the best way to see the issue.

    In the fiddle I have a Panel with a ViewModel and a bound title to a formula. When the fiddle loads, there is a 5 second delay on the simulated ajax call. You'll see the title appear after that.

    Pressing the button changes a dependent value for the formula, and then reloads the Model. The title disappears while the load() is in progress. My expectation would be that the Model data would continue to be valid while the load is in progress.

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    It's not really a bug, though a somewhat interesting behaviour. Because the viewmodel operates on a timer, as described in the documentation, by the time the binding fires from the set() call, the model is already loading, so it skips out because the load is in progress so it should wait before firing off any data.

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    I had a feeling that might be the case but I did notice something strange on occasion.. the formula would be called immediately and provide the proper value, then called with null values, and then called again after the load. I wasn't able to determine why it was being triggered 3 times.

    I won't argue that it's a bug but I would consider this behavior to be undesirable. For one, while the load is in progress, the model has valid data (or enough data to satisfy the formula). You might also just simply defer bindings that depend on loading models.

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