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Thread: I load the store/model but the list seems emty?

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    Default I load the store/model but the list seems emty?

    I load a data, it is from a rest API:
    Yes, it is loaded. I can see in the network events. It has one dog ("array")

    I have list inside a container:
    Ext.define('Test.view.DogDetails', {
        extend: 'Ext.Container',
        xtype: 'DogDetails',
        //singleton: true,
        config: {
            layout: 'fit',
            items : [
                    xtype: 'list',
                    store: 'DogDetails',
                    itemTpl: [
                    variableHeights: true
    Then, I click a button to pop up the view.
    this.dogD = Ext.widget('DogDetails', {
        title: "hghgh"
    And the list is emty. I have checked the list's store and it says that the store has never been loaded. So, it seems that this is not the way how to load the data. But then I have tried to Test.view.DogDetails.items.items[0].getStore().getModel().load(12); This one loads the store that I want but it doesn't load the, it loads which is emty. Also I have tried to use singelton, but then Test.view.DogDetails.items.items[0] doesn't exists.

    What is the proper way to pop up a list with a store??

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    The load() you're calling is on the model, not the store, so you're loading the data for an individual model instance, not for the store. Can you share a runnable example of the code you currently have?

    I'll be happy to test this along with you.

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