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Thread: Show Div/Panel at Absolute Position

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    Lightbulb Show Div/Panel at Absolute Position


    I am using ExtJS 4.2.1 and I want to display a DIV/Panel in the ExtJS Grid Cell Click.
    When the user click on the CELL it should expand a DIV/Panel at the absolute position of the CELL. same like for DATEPICKER as it gets open

    Any Suggestion/Workarounds are welcome.

    Manish Pandit

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    The next-to-last argument passed to handlers of the "cellclick" event is the event object, which should contain the coordinates of the click event. The handler also passes the <td> in which the event occurred, which you could use to get the position/dimensions of the cell. From here, you could simply use showAt() to display a floating panel (or window) at the appropriate location, or even showBy() to simplify it further.

    I hope this helps! Thanks

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