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Thread: Cannot activate Designer

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    Default Cannot activate Designer


    I recently had to do a clean install of Windows 10, but ever since I've been unable to activate Designer. I have version 1.2.3 build 52 installed and when I enter ID/PW it just says there's been a generic "server problem", no error code or anything. I've disabled my firewall and antivirus in case there was an issue there but it made no difference. I can obviously log into the forums so I know the ID/PW is correct. Any ideas how to proceed? Thanks!

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    Hopefully you've been able to get Designer activated, if not let me know and we'll get it figured out.


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    Hi Bryan, No, unfortunately I wasn't ever able to get it to activate. I just tried again a minute ago and still no good (and that's with my firewall and antivirus turned off too, figured that was worth a shot again). It just gives me a generic "A server error has occurred." message above the username field. What should I try next? Thanks, Frank

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