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Thread: Handling Main View Creation

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsanabria View Post
    Did anyone find a solution for the modern application? I have the classic portion of the project working, but not the modern version. I have tried setting the mainView on the launch function, but it is not working. I have tried adding it to the viewport and it doesn't work either. Hopefully someone has got it to work.
    I had the same problem. I solved putting the me.callParent after the setMainView in onBeforeLaunchMethod

    You could try with this:

    onBeforeLaunch: function():
    var me = this;
    I hope it will be usefull

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    I was trying to set the main view after the launch method, which worked in sencha app watch, but after building the production version, I was missing Ext.plugin.Viewport, so requiring that file is absolutely key if you call setMainView manually... I kept getting the good ole friend of c is not a constructor which is not helpful. Thank you for that insight wolfganga!

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