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Thread: DataView drag and drop strange behavior

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    Default DataView drag and drop strange behavior

    I'm currently implementing drag and drop functionality for a DataView, but I'm seeing some strange behavior. I can't drag an item above its initial y-axis value. Also, upon first drag of an item, the element jumps down below my mouse pointer (yet is attached and dragable). I'm using the Ext.dd.DD class with an example below:

    I have also tried using the Ext.dd.DragZone, and that seems to work fine, but it doesn't have the desired behavior of actually moving the element in the list of items, since I actually want to re-order items within the DataView. Instead, it creates a proxy element, which is the behavior that I want when I drag-cross view and drop into another DataView.

    Any help would be great.

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    Hi Andrew,

    a little bit late, but if you inspect the css properties of your dragged item, you can see that the position attribute is either set to nothing or something behaves like inherited. What you need to apply is the property 'absolute' to your actually being dragged element. So simply adjust, implement the b4StartDrag function of your overrides to set = 'absolute' to achieve the desired behaviour that you can drag the element around.

    See here :

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