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Thread: enableLocking grid fires 'select' twice

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-18202 in 5.1.2.
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    Default enableLocking grid fires 'select' twice

    Just noticed:
    if i create a grid with enableLocking:true and checkbox selection model when I click on checkbox the 'select' event fired twice.
    Here is the fiddle:

    Open Developer Tools and look at Console tab.

    I think it caused by locking feature of the grid.
    A locking grid is processed in a special way. The configuration options are cloned and two grids are created to be the locked (left) side and the normal (right) side.

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    Thanks for the report. I see the issue you are reporting, but it looks like it has already been fixed -- I can't reproduce using a recent nightly release of 5.1.2. It looks like this was resolved as part of EXTJS-18202.

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    @Gary Schlosberg,thank you! Yes, there is no such bug in the latest nightly build...

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