Forum members,

This is going to be a little long and confusing.

We are having a strange performance issue with model associations.

In the fiddle below we have a simplified example of our issue.

Our data structure is a Quote that contains many line items each line item has around 40 fields. The example has just one for simplicity.

In our program we are rendering these line items out using a data view. This is commonly taking about 13 seconds to render on the screen with a little over 300 line items. If we change the display to a common grid, the rendering time goes down to a second or two.

Finally, to add to the confusion on our part, if we bind the data view to 'LineItems().getData().items' it is really fast. Also, creating a normal store, without the association involved, is also really fast.

The question we have is why is binding to a store created through associations so slow compared to an array and a normal store, with the data view.

See the fiddle here.