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Thread: sencha phonegap init

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    Default sencha phonegap init

    I've run "sencha cordova init" thus I connot run "sencha phonegap init". It gives me this error:

    E:\testtouch>sencha phonegap init
    Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.202
    [ERR] You cannot have PhoneGap and Cordova in the same Application using
    [INF]  level="error"Please use the new multi-build system via app.json
    I've googled the new multi-build system but there is nothing about it. Also I've tried to comment the "builds" section in app.json but it continues to trow the same error.

    Where I can find information about the new multi-build system?

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    First of all, you should remove cordova support if you plan to include phonegap. That means you need to remove the "native" entry in app.json > "builds" as well as the cordova directory in your project. If you don't have any custom build profiles (other than "web" and "native") you can remove the whole "builds" config on app.json so the "phonegap init" command can add them back with the correct values.
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