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Thread: MetaForm class in ExtJS 5

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    Default MetaForm class in ExtJS 5

    Greetings. I am currently in the process of upgrading one of our applications from ExtJS3 to ExtJS5. One of the components of concern is the Ext.ux.form.MetaForm class -

    It is a user extension that was submitted some time ago and it helps to facilitate creating form information dynamically by receiving metadata from the server.

    I saw the following post and had hope...

    Has anyone found a workaround for this class in version 5? Is there a suggested to look at something different in version 5?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not aware of any updates to this user extension. Have you tried getting in touch with the author?

    If you find a workaround (or upgrade the class yourself to work with Ext JS 4 or 5), please post back!

    Best of luck!

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