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Thread: Sencha Inspector Early Access Is Now Available!

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    Default Answered: Sencha Inspector Early Access Is Now Available!

    On behalf of Sencha, were proud to announce an Early Access release of Sencha Inspector. With Sencha Inspector, you get a powerful debugging tool with direct access to components, classes, objects, and themes for apps built using Sencha frameworks. As a standalone desktop application, Sencha Inspector is designed to provide intelligent debugging capabilities for any Sencha application (Ext JS 4.2.0+, Touch 2.1.0+) regardless of the browser youre using.

    Download the free early access release of Sencha Inspector.
    To help you get started, please refer to the Sencha Inspector early access documentation.
    Give it a try and send us your feedback through the Sencha Inspector Forum.

    For more, see the blog announcement.
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