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Thread: Create reusable component

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    Default Create reusable component


    I'm using Extjs 4.2 withount Mvc. I have created a combo and I would like to use in different panels.

        CdmStore = new{
            fields: [{
                name: 'l_cdm'
            }, {
                name: 'c_cdm'
            remoteFilter: true,
           // autoSync: true,
           //autoLoad: true,
            proxy: {
                type: 'ajax',
                url: 'data/comboTypeMan.cfc?method=getAgent',
                reader: {
                    type: 'json',
                    root: 'data'
         cdmManLib = Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox', {
            store: comboCdmStore,
            labelAlign: 'top',
            fieldLabel: 'Chef de manoeuvre',
            queryMode: 'remote',  
            selectOnFocus: true,
            name: 'cdmManLib',
            minChars: 2,
                typeAhead: true,
                editable: true,
            width: 270,
            valueField: 'l_cdm',
            displayField: 'l_cdm'
    I was thinking to use Ext.define ... but I think this is work only with the MVC as we use the app name in the define path. However, I do not have an application name in my no MVC app.

    Anyone could give me a clue how to achieve it?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There's no need to worry about using the MVC pattern or not, you were on the right track with Ext.define. Here's an example where I defined your component with an xtype of customcombo, and then I can reference that within the form items:

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