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Thread: ariaEl is null

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    Post ariaEl is null

    I am making a transition from extjs 5.0 to exjs 6.0 and I have into a bit of an issue. I have a tab panel with tabs that have the closable parameter set to true, and whenever I click on the closebox icon in the tab, I get a console error:

    TypeError: me.ariaEl is null ----------------------- ext-all-debug.js(line 221716, col 12)
    ariaDom = me.ariaEl.dom

    This error breaks the app, and I was curious if this issue is a bug or if there is a parameter that I am missing.

    thank you in advance

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    Things seem to be working in this test case from the doc examples.

    Are you able to recreate the error in a Fiddle?

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    I'm experiencing the same issue on Ext.form.field.File fields, and only on those that I'm disabling and enabling frequently. What I have done is a really dirty workaround (cause I don't care about 1 accessibility issue on the upload field) that will make you want to take a bath and burn your clothes.

    I made an override of Ext.Component on the onDisable and onEnable functions, and added a check like described below.

    My version:
    if (!me.ariaStaticRoles[me.ariaRole] && me.ariaEl.dom !== null) {
        me.ariaEl.dom.setAttribute('aria-disabled', true);
    if (!me.ariaStaticRoles[me.ariaRole]) {
        me.ariaEl.dom.setAttribute('aria-disabled', true);
    That seems to at least override the error, and ignore the ariaEl entirely.
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