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Thread: Extjs production/build app does not work

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    Default Extjs production/build app does not work

    I am developing an application in Extjs 4.2. App is running fine in development mode onhttp://localhost:1841/. But when I am trying to run same application from index.html in build/production/appname, app is not running properly. I am getting 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'init' of undefined' error when I click any grid row from my main screen. A container window is supposed to appear on click, but app is working in development mode not in build or testing mode.
    I ran 'sencha app build testing' command and tested testing/build file and screen shot of error log is here.
    Does anyone knows what is the problem? Kindly help.

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    Are you able to provide a small test case where this can be replicated? I can try to build your app to see if I receive the same error.
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