To enable us to quickly process, reproduce and fix bugs we will need to gather a few details from you regarding your environment, steps to reproduce the issue, and a stand-alone test case. Please use the template below to provide the REQUIRED INFORMATION such as the exact Architect version, description, and test case as well as any other information you can provide. Any additional information you can give will generally help us fix the bug faster.


[B][U]Architect Build tested:[/U][/B]


[B][U]Project Type:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]ExtJS 5.x[*]Touch 2.x[/LIST]


[LIST][*]Describe the problem in greater detail here, summarizing the behavior.[/LIST]

[B][U]Steps to reproduce the problem:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]

[B][U]The result that was expected:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]

[B][U]The result that occurs instead:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]


[B][U]Screenshot, Project, or Video:[/U][/B]


[B][U]Possible fix:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]not provided[/LIST]

[B][U]Operating System:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]WinXP Pro[/LIST]