To enable us to quickly process, reproduce and fix bugs we will need to gather a few details from you regarding your environment, steps to reproduce the issue, and a stand-alone test case.

It will be very helpful to know the exact Ext JS version, browser, and description and any additional information you can give will generally help us fix the bug faster.

Please create a stand-alone test case demonstrating the issue you're seeing using
* It uses your forum login / password

In addition please use the below template to fill in the environmental details / steps to reproduce the issue:
[B][U]Ext version tested:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]Ext 4.____ rev ____[/LIST]

[B][U]Browser versions tested against:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]____[*]IE8[*]FF3 (firebug installed)[*]Safari 4[/LIST]

[B][U]DOCTYPE tested against:[/U][/B]



[LIST][*]Describe the problem in greater detail here, summarizing the behavior.[/LIST]

[B][U]Steps to reproduce the problem:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]

[B][U]The result that was expected:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]

[B][U]The result that occurs instead:[/U][/B]

[LIST][*] foo[*] bar[/LIST]