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Thread: Error in pagination (bug?)

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    Default Error in pagination (bug?)

    Hello everyone!

    I am relatively new to ExtJS 5 and I'm having problems with pagingtoolbar.
    I will illustrate my problem:

    I have a grid with 11 records, and my store has pageSize = 10, ie on the first page, 10 records are shown and on the second page only one record is shown.
    When I delete the only record of the second page and refresh the grid store by the paging toolbar refresh button, the paging toolbar is blocked and I can,t navigate to any page. It's because the paging toolbar tries to refresh the grid store with this parameters: {start: 10, limit: 10, page: 2}, but the page 2 doesn't exists no longer.

    I find it a bit difficult to speak exactly what's going on, so I made a short video demonstrating the error (it's only 39 seconds):!ks0iTAqY!qLqfPo...RF_fnWuy0M3YPs

    Is this a bug? How to fix it?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english...

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