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Thread: Invalid authentication token error using phonegap

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    Default Invalid authentication token error using phonegap

    I recently started getting an error trying to upload an application to phonegap. I have built previous versions of this app many times and now it crashes with a Invalid authorization token error. I have checked and the username and password is correct in the file. I contacted phonegap, and after several email, they indicated it was not their problem.. must be a problem with Sench Touch. I even went back to theprevious version which had worked, and it still crashes. I did have to delete the app off of phonegap and recreate it. As part of the debugging I also reset the phonegap authentication token to see if I could force a change, but it made no difference. Is there a phonegap authentication string somewhere in the sencha touch application? If so, where, so I can change it.. otherwise can anyone help? I can zip up the www folder after a build native manually, upload it and do a manual rebuild on the phonegap site and it seems to work, though I'm having a problem running the .apk on my android emulator (might be a different problem)


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    When you say you reverted to a previous version, do you mean a previous version of Touch? What versions of Touch and Cordova are we talking about here? What is the error message that you are seeing?

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    Hi Gary, Thanks for your prompt response. I meant I tried a previous version (1.0.0) of my application, that I had submitted to phonegap a couple months ago and it had worked then, but not any more. (I thought I might have inadvertently messed something up in the new version (1.0.2)) I am using Sencha Touch 2.4.1, Sencha cmd and phonegap 5.0-0.28.0. Thanks

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    In a previous version of Sencha Touch, there was a bug in the .sencha/app/phonegap-impl.xml file where quotes needed to be removed. I tried no quotes, double and single quotes with no luck. In the screen display, the username and password look correct for the values... right now (with the released version) they are enclosed in double quotes. The previous version caused the same error... see below: found its a bug of Sencha Cmd, you can fixed it like this: 1. Open file ".sencha/app/phonegap-impl.xml"; Change code of line 156-158 from: Code: phonegap ${phonegap.cli.options} remote login --username='${}' --password='${}' to: Code: phonegap ${phonegap.cli.options} remote login --username=${} --password=${} Note: I removed quotes between ${} and ${}. 2. Open file ""; set your account info like this: Code: phonegap build user name phonegap build user password unfortunately this change didn't work either. Thanks Mark

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