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Thread: After cmd build, model not affected to store

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    Default After cmd build, model not affected to store


    I have an app generated with sencha touch cmd, i developped some functionalities, that work fine on browser without any javascript error. Then, i build the app (web build) using this command 'sencha app build myApp' , i obtain the app with minimised code (that's ok), when i run this app on browser i have a javascript error Cannot read property 'getIdProperty' of undefined.

    After many debug, i catch the line which target this error and it's in one of my controller ==> the line is storeSujets.setData(sujetsData); where storeSujets is my store, i get it using var storesujets = Ext.getStore('Sujets');

    print me the content below, as you can see model affected to my store is null, and i think it's the reason of the error. bug.png
    My question is why after build, the store has no model ? any help please ? this bug is critic for me .

    Sorry for my bad english, i still available for further information.

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    Can you share the configuration of your model and store, as well as any relevant code for how you are using them in your application?


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