Hi I'm new to SA but basically get the idea. I want to make an AUX out of a component ( top-level) which means that if the component is not treated as a unit in the SA designer it loses value.

Making an AUX doesn't look that hard but on the way to doing this I don't see any mention of providing definition file config that causes SA to group my View with the linked ViewModel and Controller.

When I look at my SA workspace I can see in the metadata for my view the following configs:

"viewControllerInstanceId": "ccd8b0a3-dba4-4c50-a014-29ef3c3c01be",
"viewModelInstanceId": "42cfd851-5f15-4b30-8788-21d26108cfef"

How does this information get replicated in my AUX def config(s) ??

thnaks in advance