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Thread: Minifying ExtJS app

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    Default Minifying ExtJS app

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with minifying a few extjs applications not created using sencha cmd. The structure of the projects is not as expected for using sencha cmd build options and since the projects are already finished, I can't change the structure. I only need the organized list of all class dependencies so I can create a minified file for production version. Can you suggest me the best way to do that? I already tried two options:

    1) I created a js script that collects recursively all the dependencies and it works great, but since I use js objects, it works only when the application is started, which means it can't be a part of the build process.

    2) I created a maven plugin that reads the json configurations from the disk, creates the java objects and collects dependencies the same way it does using the js objects. It works great too and even better it can be a part of the build process. But the problem is that it has some limitations because it doesn't work with the real application, it only reads the source code.

    Any help is appreciated

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    I don't think Cmd is meant to do this with a project it didn't create, so I'm afraid my recommendation would be to create a project and move your application into it. Hopefully someone from the community has been down this road and can offer an easier solution for you.

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    Hi Gary, thanks for replying. You're right, I should have created the projects with cmd. Unfortunately, refactoring is not an option. Hope this maven plugin will do.

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