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Thread: Utility for maintaining XTemplates in xml files and integrating into your app

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    Default Utility for maintaining XTemplates in xml files and integrating into your app

    Hi all,

    One of the things I have struggled with is how to edit and manage XTemplates. I use Architect in some projects to handle this, but am not thrilled with its editor. Overall I really like Webstorm, esp. with the new sencha plugin, but the XTemplate editing situation is not good there either.

    So, I created a utility that will allow you to maintain some/all/none of your xtemplates in xml files external to your views. This allows me to use the xml editing and formatting capabilities of Webstorm which is ideal.

    See here:

    I have integrated this into the Sencha Cmd build process such that the xml files get concatenated and converted into a single javascript file at build time (via a python script). The resulting javascript file contains string variables representing each of your xtemplates, and in your views, you can simply assign these variables to the tpl property of a container, etc.

    Once set up, you can simply edit your xml xtemplate files and the edits automatically get propogated to the views at build and run time.

    I find this is especially helpful with large templates. I still tend to keep my smaller templates as strings inside my views.

    Hope this is of benefit to you all.

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing your work with the community!

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