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Thread: About the gxt-parent when using gxt 3.1.4

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    Question About the gxt-parent when using gxt 3.1.4

    I am now studying on upgrading the gxt 2.X to 3.1.4 and have problem when using the new jar file (gxt-3.1.4).

    In the pom.xml of gxt.jar, the parent tag stated it requires gxt-parent version 3.1.4
    I have looked through all the package, there is no such thing.
    The latest gxt-parent that I have found from the rerouces is for version 3.1.1
    I cannot build the project since gxt-parent 3.1.4 is missing

    May I ask:
    1. How can I get gxt-parent 3.1.4? or How can I build the project using gxt 3.1.4?
    2. What is the usage of this gxt-parent?

    Sorry for the dummy question.

    Thanks a lot


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    I've got the configuration for maven here:

    It will need the artifactory repository url for 3.1.4 and it will also need your support portal credentials in the settings.xml. This is sown in the guide above.

    If your not seeing the artifacts at the url endpoint, try logging into artifactory then revisit the url.

    Would that help?

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    Thank you very much Brandon.

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