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Thread: ListViewSelectionModel loses selection when Locked

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    Default ListViewSelectionModel loses selection when Locked

    Hi all,

    My goal with this ListView component I have is to display it read-only with the current selection showing and locked.

    However, although I can disable the component with the selection showing, if I add a call to lock the selection, the selection disappears from the view. That is, the component still indicates that it has a selection, but it does not show as selected anymore in the actual display to the user.

    The setLocked API documentation claims that it only locks the current selection. This locking should not affect the view by removing it from the display.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

    I do not want to leave the selection unlocked because in read-only mode the user should not be changing the selection state (which it appears to do when clicked, even while disabled).



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    Sounds like when the state changes the refresh removes the selection when it calls refresh and the cell render. Possibly using the selection to set selection once disabled could fix that. Would that help?

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