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Thread: filefield question

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    Default filefield question

    Sorry but I'm fresh with ExtJs .... bla, bla, bla

    simple field

    { xtype: 'filefield',
    itemId: 'FF2',
    name: 'wn_files[]',
    afterrender: function(cmp) {
    cmp.fileInputEl.set({ multiple: 'multiple' });

    and not (as for me question) simple question. I choose 4 files and everything
    is ok, and (on the server side) symphony2 get wn_files[] table with 4 elements,
    upload them - supper. But I have no idea how to find four names of this files
    in ExtJS before I submit.

    Would you be so kind as ...

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    The only way to get information on a file is with a HTML5 capable browser that supports the File api. For example, IE9 or older will not allow this at all.
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