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Thread: Ext.panel.Panel add scroll event

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    Default Ext.panel.Panel add scroll event

    Hi All,
    how can i add the "scroll" event in Panel Component?
    I try to add it in initComponent but there isn't object on which link the event...i write this code
    Ext.override(Ext.panel.Panel, {
     initComponent: function() {
            var me = this;
       me.el.on("scroll", this.onScroll,  this);
      } catch(e){}
            if (me.collapsible) {
            // Save state on these two events.
                this.addStateEvents(['expand', 'collapse']);
            if (me.unstyled) {
            if (me.frame) {
                me.setUI(me.ui + '-framed');
            // Backwards compatibility
            me.collapseDirection = me.collapseDirection || me.headerPosition || Ext.Component.DIRECTION_TOP;
            // Used to track hidden content elements during collapsed state
            me.hiddenOnCollapse = new Ext.dom.CompositeElement();
     onScroll : function(event){
    but i receved error in
        me.el.on("scroll", this.onScroll,  this);
       } catch(e){}
    becouse me.el is undefined.
    Where am I wrong?
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Not sure, but maybe you need to call me.callParent(); before trying to reference me.el.

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    me.el is unavailable until afterrender. Listen to afterrender event and then try to attach the eventlistener for 'scroll' event.

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