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Thread: Grid Filter: Explicit Field Type Maybe Required

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    Default Grid Filter: Explicit Field Type Maybe Required


    The grid filtering plugin, works great with string values. However, if you intend to use the numeric (or number) filter option, then a type property may need to be explicitly defined on the target field. I discovered this when trying to use the plugin with a grid populated with data having the format 0,000.00. The grid filter would not work unless I explicitly set the field type to float.

    Is this a bug or a feature?

    Requisite Fiddle:

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    That looks like a feature to me. AUTO type takes the value as is. Since youre passing strings through json you get strings in the record. I would recommend passing your data as the proper type and specifying the col as the proper type, then using a column renderer to format it properly.

    The number filter has no way of knowing how to properly cast the "numeric" string to a number since Number('1,000') = NaN in JS.

    I would never use the AUTO type unless you specifically want to treat the field as a blob of data.

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