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Thread: create class behavior

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    Default create class behavior

    I define a simple class with an array and a string. With this I create two objects and make some changes on the properties of the second object.
    Now I take a look at the first object and I see the array is changed too and the string not - both are objects ?!?

    Ext.define('Base', {
        rebels: [],
        location: 'Yavin'
    var b1 = Ext.create('Base');
    var b2 = Ext.create('Base');
    b2.rebels.push('Luke', 'Leia', 'Han');
    b2.location = 'Hoth';
    console.log(b1.rebels.length); // 3
    console.log(b1.location); // Yavin

    Bug or feature? Or do I miss to read same docs?


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    When you create an instance, complex properties (arrays/objects) will be shared unless otherwise taken care of. In your code, you are sharing the rebels array.
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