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Thread: Event when binding is complete?

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    Question Event when binding is complete?

    I'm setting my ViewModel's data via setData. Inside my view properties like disabled, readOnly are bound to that ViewModel.

    No I want to focus on the first editable field inside that form. But this needs to be done AFTER the binding of the ViewModel with its View is done.

    Are there any events I can listen on? The documentation does not state anything that fits ...

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    There aren't any events you can listen to. However, on your component you can add an afterrender listener and then bind to your properties so that once it is available, you can focus on the first field.

    This assumes that both disabled and readOnly are available together (ie not asynchronously loaded). If the latter were the case, you could bind on both descriptors like so:

    panel.getViewModel().bind('{disabled}{readOnly}'), function () {...});
    Hope this helps,

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    This I've found myself the hard way (tried every possible listener on the panel), but what about viewModel's stores availability ?

    I couldn't find a valid panel listener where I could access viewModel's stores:

    1. if I try panel.getViewModel().getStore('storeName') - null is returned
    2. if I try panel.getViewModel().getStores() - null is returned
    3. if I try panel.lookupReference('myCombo').getStore() - an empty store is returned (useless here)
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