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Thread: How can I change 'link' id before it auto loads?

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    Default How can I change 'link' id before it auto loads?

    In my ViewModel I have:

    links: {
            user: {
                type: 'User',
                id: 0,
    For auto opening existing records, when my new tab is opened, I am passing in a small summary sourceModel that has an id (available in the ViewModel data). I'm trying to figure out how to get that id into the links: id BEFORE it auto loads the more complex model. Any ideas? As soon as I call getViewModel(), it autoloads the links with id:0 before I have a chance to change anything.

    I could switch back to LinkTo where I know I can set the id, but for some reason, I like the links approach since it defines the link where it belongs, whereas the linkTo just seems to blast whatever we want into the ViewModel from an external place.

    Also, how does one deal with complex keys and link, for example, a multi-column primary key? What if it takes two or more parameters to load the model?

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    A bit late but here's a possible solution: link


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