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Thread: Straightforward way to set iOS app icons in touch + phonegap?

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    Default Straightforward way to set iOS app icons in touch + phonegap?

    I have seen a lot of different approaches to this but none seem to work for me. What is the straightforward way to set iOS app icons for a vanilla touch 2.3.1 + phonegap project with cmd 4? I have all the files in <sencha>/resources/icons and have set the appropriate paths in <sencha>/config.xml like this:

        <icon gap:platform="ios" height="57" src="resources/icons/Icon.png" width="57" />
        <icon gap:platform="ios" height="72" src="resources/icons/Icon-72.png" width="72" />
        <icon gap:platform="ios" height="114" src="resources/icons/[email protected]" width="114" />
        <icon gap:platform="ios" height="144" src="resources/icons/[email protected]" width="144" />
    but no dice even with variations of "www/resources", "../resources" etc. is there some kind of cache that needs to be cleared? What about for splash and loading icons too? This seems to be a hole in the docs.


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    Wow, this problem isn't really solved huh? Seems like a pretty major feature to leave unattended...

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    Solved. It looks like "sencha app build native" doesn't copy the resources folder into the phonegap folder. Once that is done the existing Xcode project will update with the proper icons. Sheesh, what a pain!

    Also, it may be necessary to have the correct config.xml entries as shown in the following SO link, not sure:

    Is this bug-worthy? Seems like it since there are no docs spearheading this issue.


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    +1, would like to see an official answer from Sencha Support.

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