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Thread: userAlias in 3.2 does not work for custom classes

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    Default userAlias in 3.2 does not work for custom classes

    I am trying to upgrade a project to Architect 3.2.0/Sencha touch 2.4.1. In my project, I have some custom views (ie. they were created with the top-right [+] dropdown menu->Class->Views) as they extend another view I made rather than a base sencha touch class. The userAlias property is not working for me in these classes. In Architect 3.0.x, the javascript generated from setting the userAlias to 'foo' was "alias: ''" but now it is "alias: 'foo'". It won't let me change the value to "". The view is in the Application's array of views, so it's loaded, but I can't use the xtype "foo". What can I do so that I can set the alias?

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    I am also facing the same problem.
    what ever which is configured in "userAlias" property in architect 2.2 after upgrade to sencha 3.2 it stopped working.

    I have attached the error i am getting while resolving name space.

    Any help.

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