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Thread: GXT and GWT 2.7 Super Dev Mode

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    Default GXT and GWT 2.7 Super Dev Mode

    I am evaluating the GXT Library for our product. We are using GWT 2.7 combined with the "Super Dev Mode". Since I added GXT to my module definition I recognized the following problem:
    Every recompile in the browser fails. The console says:
    [ERROR] Current binding properties are expanding to more than one permutation but per-file compilation requires that each compile operate on only one permutation.
    I have tried several things to solve this problem without a solution. Besides the "-noincremental" argument fixes the problem, it is not an adequate solution.

    We are hugely interested in using GXT but using the SDM is essential.

    I am looking forward for your help.
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    I've had a mistake in my first post. I meant the 2.7 version of GXT.

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    Try to set the following properties in you module XML file:

      <set-property name="user.agent" value="safari"/>
      <set-property name="gxt.user.agent" value="chrome"/>
      <set-property name="user.agent.os" value="windows"/>  
      <collapse-all-properties />
      <add-linker name="xsiframe"/>

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