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Thread: Dynamic Series render bug in Sencha Line Chart

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    Default Dynamic Series render bug in Sencha Line Chart

    In this fiddle I reproduced a bug I have in my own application.
    The bug is still very vague to me because it seems to happen randomly, there are two bugs:
    1. The Labels/Ticks on Y(Time) Axis, sometimes get rendered sometimes not
    2. After the View loads and the user clicks on start (to load the first set of data to visualize) and then start clicking update (keep clicking 1 click per second or faster) to simulate incoming live data, some of the data points already rendered disappear, further clicking on update, the data points that have disappeared might come again or not.
    To see the bugs for yourself simply start the application a few times and click start and see if the time axis doesnt render properly, keep doing this until you see the problem. The Bug, as said, doesnt happen regularly.

    For Bug number 2, start the application from the fiddle, click the start button inside the view, and then keep clicking update to generate data points, after you have generated a few points, you can zoom a little bit into the chart, pan so that the blue now line is in the middle or so and then continue generating data points by clicking update, after some time you will notice that the points that already has been rendered are removed, which is not supposed to be, because I don't make changes to already existing data, I only add new records to my stores.

    The Application works as follows:
    We have a line chart with no series at the beginning, after user clicks start, two stores are created and two series gets created with each having one of the stores.
    When user clicks update, either a new store and series for that store is created or a new data point is added to one of the existing stores.

    The code in the fiddle is probably not ideal, but that is more about coding styles than rendering of charts.

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