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Thread: Which version of the ExtJS framework are you using?

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    Default Which version of the ExtJS framework are you using?

    With ExtJS 3.x support coming to an end (1 June 2015), which version of the framework do you still use most on daily basis?

    It's 3.x for us.

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    During development, I always try to keep updated with each maintenance release and therefor most of them are at 5.1.0. Am currently using what we will be releasing at SenchaCon even, hope people are going to see what we've been up to

    Of course going from Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4 (or 5) is a different story but I bit that bullet long time ago for my Ext JS 3 projects.
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    I'm using 5.1 mostly (a couple still on 5.0.1 due to some earth-shattering problems caused by 5.1). I probably should have left some things still on 4.2.3, but I guess at least I'm on 5.x and one day I'll sort out those massive problems caused by the differences in the way 5.x does stores and models, and combo boxes in row editing plugins. I'm not going anywhere 6.x until 6 months into its release. I've learned my lesson.

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    Never moved from the lightning quick v2.3 - sure we heavily modified it, but we know it like the back of our hands and it does everything we want and is very extensible.

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