Hi ,I am new here and new to this type of things I am using someone else's application with the standard blue theme It's visual apperance is poor so I've decided to start with applying the neptune theme and then modifying it. With the standard settings of neptune everything seems displaced on page so i have removed some of formatting in application's xml files but now I would like to apply some of my own styles and text formatting. Looking at source in browser i've found that after applying neptune, there is some more css embedded at the end of html than with the blue one . My question is what should be done to make and apply own css file. Also is it possible to have that embedded css in my custom file instead of embedded ?I know that all this is generated from config files and that my approach may be wrong but I always work with css files to customise look of pages and if I could set base settings it config files and then work details with css it would makes things much easier