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Thread: Horizontal Scrolling of Grid when using Carousel

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    Default Horizontal Scrolling of Grid when using Carousel

    I have 3 screens swiped horizontally using Carousel.

    One of the screen includes a grid which supports column resizing feature and if column is resized, horizontal scroll obviously will be shown but one can't scroll easily as when you swipe for scroll horizontally, carousel changes the screen.

    I hope i describe well.Thanks!
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    Have you tried using the directionLock config?

    new Ext.carousel.Carousel({
        fullscreen : true, 
        items      : [        {
            html : 'Testing Panel 1' 
        },        {
            html       : 'Testing Panel 2', 
            scrollable : { 
                direction     : 'horizontal', 
                directionLock : true 
        },        { 
            html : 'Testing Panel 3' 
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    Default directionlock config

    Thanks!. Yes i have used directionlock config, which is used to disable vertical scrolling if horizontal scrolling is being used.
    Your code disables the functionality of carousel for the second item. that's not what i wanted.
    In your code for the second item, please provide a way to swipe to other screens also only when the horizontal scroll reaches to end (left/right).

    Currently I am using code below for my grid and after using (direction:'horizontal'), i can't able to scroll vertically.
    HTML Code:
    scrollable: {  
              direction: 'auto',            

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