I have downloaded Architect 3 trial version. I have created a program in nitro autocode. When trying to open it up to edit in Architect I get the message it needs to update. I select yes to several messages and it eventually displays a window saying the following files failed to save, do you want to make them read/write. I agree then it displays Uncaught Could not write to vile v://vvcce101a/resources/.arch-internal-preview.css The v: drive is mapped to our AS400 and it is working, I can access the files. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the working autocode program and re-creating it, but to no avail. Very frustrating, any ideas?

Will also say I've tried ignoring and any other option which comes up, but if it clears, then the message needs to updated comes up again and seems to be endless loop.