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Thread: Combo box issue

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    Default Combo box issue

    I have a screen with a combobox, textbox and save button.The functionality of the screen is to save the data entered by the user. The combo box also allows the user to type text.
    Issue I am facing is as follows -
    When user types the first character (say 'B') inside the combo box, the combo box auto populates the first word whose first character matches with the user typed alphabet.(say for e.g. the drop down has a list of colors,say black,blue,orange,red,green.Now the combo will auto populate 'Black').On click of save,there is a validation to see if the value selected/entered in the combo box is present in the dropdown list. In this case user has not selected any value from the combo box. So on click of save,only 'B' gets considered even though the combo box displays 'black' and hence the validation comes up.It will be great if someone can suggest a way to access the value present in the combo box('black') instead of the user entered text('B'). Also if user type the entire letters of the word/selects the value from the drop down the value entered/selected should get considered.


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    Default i wanna help

    i wanna help to you or understand to your problem . but my english not good therefore can you explain simple sentences or pictures

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    Do you want them to enter freeform text or require them to select a value from the list? If you want to force them to select a value from the list and not allow them to keep just any text, use forceSelection config on the combobox
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