I am using GXT 3.1.2 for my application.

When grid is creating for the first time it is keeping 20 px extra width after lastcolumn. After refresh/sorting it tries to fill that extra space.

After some analysis, I thought that 20px is for vertical scrollbar. I solved the above problem by refreshing the grid again after data has been loaded.

But still a 3 px gap is coming. between the last column and total grid width.

It can be observed in Gxt 3.1.2 example also.

My questions are:
  1. If i am not setting any height to grid and its parent i.e. (auto height), why it is keeping extra space for Vertical scroll bar.
  2. Is there any better way i can solve the first problem?
  3. How to fix the second problem. (extra header is showing after last column. As width of div is more than table always and header color has applied to div, that extra space is observable)
Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

@Sencha Support Team : Is it a bug or it can be avoidable?