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Thread: Compiler warning "clear.gif"

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    Default Compiler warning "clear.gif"


    since we're using GWT 2.7 and GXT 3.1.2 we get a compiler warning.

    [INFO] [INFO] Compiling module at.gevas.lagis.s.web.main
    [INFO] [INFO]    Computing all possible rebind results for ''
    [INFO] [INFO]       Rebinding
    [INFO] [INFO]          Invoking generator
    [INFO] [INFO]             Preparing method background
    [INFO] [INFO]                [WARN] Resource 'com/sencha/gxt/core/public/clear.gif' was located via ClassLoader. As a result changes in that resource will not be reflected in per-file recompiles. It should be registered via  <source /> or <resource /> entry in your .gwt.xml. In a future version of GWT, we will remove this fallback and your application will stop compiling
    [INFO] [INFO]       Rebinding
    Our gwt.xml. file looks like this.
    <module rename-to='index'>
           <inherits name="" />
           <inherits name="com.sencha.gxt.ui.GXT" />
           <!-- Logging -->
           <inherits name="" />
           <set-property name="gwt.logging.enabled" value="TRUE" />
           <set-property name="gwt.logging.logLevel" value="INFO" />
           <!-- GXT stylesheet -->
           <stylesheet src="reset.css" /> <!-- <<<< Sets up the GXT default stylesheet -->
           <!-- Set locale - all gui elements of gwt/gxt will be translated -->
           <extend-property name="locale" values="de" />
           <entry-point class="at.gevas.lagis.s.web.client.Main" />
           <!-- Super Dev mode -->
           <add-linker name="xsiframe"/>  
           <set-configuration-property name="devModeRedirectEnabled"
                 value="true" />
           <set-property name="compiler.useSourceMaps" value="true" />
           <!-- Sub-Directories which will be converted into javascript -->
           <source path="client" />
           <source path="share" />
    How do we can solve this issue? Any hints are welcome.

    Thank you


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    We are facing the same warning.
    Is there any solution known to this?


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