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Thread: Picker with single-touch selection ( ST 2.4.1 )

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    Default Picker with single-touch selection ( ST 2.4.1 )

    I'd like to hide the titlebar (and the Cancel and Done buttons) in the Picker widget. The user should be able to freely scroll the list, but as soon as they tap on an item, the Picker should hide and the change event should be dispatched. But in Sencha Touch 2.4.1, the Picker widget is designed to only fire its change event after the user presses the Done button in the titlebar of the picker widget.

    I can't find a way to catch selection change in the Picker as soon as the user taps the item, using any of these events:
    • change: doesn't fire until after the user selects an item and presses the Done button (which will be hidden anyway)
    • activeitemchange: doesn't fire when items are selected
    • activate: doesn't fire when items are selected
    I've create a Fiddle here:

    I also tried (in the Fiddle) to listen for events on the slot itself (activeitemchange, activate, etc), but those events don't fire either.

    I realize it might sound like I could just use a selectfield, however the screen this widget needs to pop up from doesn't contain a form. Instead, we need to be able to programatically pop-up this picker widget in response to other UI events.

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