I'm facing lack of performance and browser page rendering issue in GXT3.0.1 for Basic Grid(I cant use paging grid in my application).

1. My application needs to load 4000 records at a time into the basic grid and browser give errors like { Stop Script --> "Yes" or "No" }. Also browser sometime get frozen , and become not responding .

2. Since i have 4000 records (grid having 17 column) based on particular column data match(.equals()) filter is working , but looping through 4000 records and matching column data , and then filtering is taking so much time and sometime browser wont support i.e become not responsive. I'm using the filter provided by sencha .

So please provide me your valued input on this :
* if possible provide the best performance filter.
* please provide input, how to make UI more speed and responsive or quickly loads the data.