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Thread: Sencha Touch MVC Example App - Loan Shark

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    Default Sencha Touch MVC Example App - Loan Shark

    Has anyone played around with the Sencha Touch Loan Shark sample app? I have been messing around with this but I'm finding that there is either bugs in the app or its not complete. Has anyone else looked at this? There seems to be items missing on the center tab. I know its just a "sample" app but why would their sample app be either incomplete or buggy or both?

    Has anyone fixed it or do you have a newer version that actually works and is fully functional?
    Trying to learn from it but its not helping that its broken!

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    Our examples are not intended to be complete working applications, but what is there should definitely work. Can you please post a link with steps on how to recreate the issue(s) you are experiencing?

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    It doesn't really work.. the second tab has an icon at the bottom that does nothing. I see controls in there for payments and stuff but nothing seems to be connected to them. The tabs at the top dont have any labels on them so you really don't know where you are or why you are there. I dunno just seems weird. I put it up at

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