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Thread: Including JS Resource - Not Loading

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    Default Including JS Resource - Not Loading

    I've added a javascript resource to my project and I linked to it. I see it being created and I see that it's being added to the app.json file

    In my javascript file I have a basic function that does an alert('Hello World'); and when I go to use my function within a controller I get an error that the function in my javascript resource is undefined.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    umm, is your function within a class? if so you need something like this in your application launch.classname = new Classname();(notice no VAR statement in front, now it is global...)anywhere in your application you should be able to say: classname.functionname();

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    My file contains something like this:
    function alertsomething() { alert('helloworld'); }
    Then in a controller I try to run the function on tap and it doesn't alert anything and it states the function is undefined.

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