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Thread: [SA 3.2] Cannot create custom UI

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for DSGNR-6346 in Architect
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    Default [SA 3.2] Cannot create custom UI


    as soon as I create a custom UI for any component, just create new and rename but no changes, the Sass compiler spits out an error:

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-02 um 11.29.41.png

    In my case I tried to create a custom UI for a textfield. "searchfield" is the name of the custom class which extends Ext.form.field.Picker. But this also happens for custom ui for buttons or panels.
    This is the content of _architect_other.scss:

    /* ui mixin: searchfield for of type: undefined */
    @if $include-ext-form-field-text != false {
      @include undefined(
        $ui-height: $form-text-field-height,
        $ui-font-size: $form-text-field-font-size,
        $ui-font-family: $form-text-field-font-family,
        $ui-font-weight: $form-text-field-font-weight,
        $ui-color: $form-text-field-color,
        $ui-background-color: $form-text-field-background-color,
        $ui-border-width: $form-text-field-border-width,
        $ui-border-style: $form-text-field-border-style,
        $ui-border-color: $form-text-field-border-color,
        $ui-focus-border-color: $form-text-field-focus-border-color,
        $ui-invalid-border-color: $form-text-field-invalid-border-color,
        $ui-border-radius: $form-text-field-border-radius,
        $ui-background-image: $form-text-field-background-image,
        $ui-padding: $form-text-field-padding,
        $ui-empty-color: $form-text-field-empty-color,
        $ui-body-width: $form-text-field-body-width,
        $ui-invalid-background-color: $form-field-invalid-background-color,
        $ui-invalid-background-image: $form-field-invalid-background-image,
        $ui-invalid-background-repeat: $form-field-invalid-background-repeat,
        $ui-invalid-background-position: $form-field-invalid-background-position,
        $ui-trigger-width: $form-trigger-width,
        $ui-trigger-border-width: $form-trigger-border-width,
        $ui-trigger-border-color: $form-trigger-border-color,
        $ui-trigger-border-style: $form-trigger-border-style,
        $ui-trigger-border-color-over: null,
        $ui-trigger-border-color-focus: null,
        $ui-trigger-border-color-pressed: null,
        $ui-trigger-background-image: $form-trigger-background-image,
        $ui-trigger-background-color: $form-trigger-background-color,
        $ui-textarea-line-height: $form-textarea-line-height,
        $ui-textarea-body-height: $form-textarea-body-height,
        $ui-file-field-color: $form-file-field-color,
        $ui-classic-border: $form-text-field-classic-border
    Any ideas?
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    Some more information. Try this:
    • select a button
    • set the UI to "Default <small|medium|large> (framework)"
    • create a new UI from "Default <small|medium|large) (framework)"
    • see the compile error
    • delete the custom ui
    • notice, that the ui for the button is set to "default (unknown)" <--- ????

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    same error here... this is a fresh install on a fresh new project.

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    This bug seems to have been introduced with support for ExtJS5.1, it seems we forgot to account for some new ui implementation specifics. We'll look into this, thanks for the report.

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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    Any timeframe on when a fix will be available?

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    Default News?

    Same problem with this conf:

    channel: 3.2-stable
    framework: Ext JS 5.1.x


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    Default The error has been reported 2.Feb first time ... is there any solution yet?

    Because of another component I switched to extjs 5.1 together with sencha architect 3.2.
    Now I'm facing the problem that I cannot use the custom UI because of the problem described in this thread...

    What is the plan? Can we expect a solution soon? Our application design process has now stopped for 3 weeks, could you tell us more about the release/ fix plan?


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    Default What is the status for DSGNR-6348

    Where I can find the status of DSGNR-6348? Is there any update on this bug?

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    I hope you guys don't wait until SenchaCon is over before releasing a bugfix patach?!

    Which would be mid April, still one month to go. If we would wait that long before providing bugfixes to our customers, we would be out of business. And currently, since we use Architect, we cannot update to 5.2, which brings us into a very bad position to our clients. Every time they ask for fixes, I have to tell them, that we're desperately waiting for a fix from Sencha. So, they get frustrated with us, because of all the excuses we have to make for the small annoying bugs in 5.1 we cannot fix without SA3.2 working correctly with the UI.

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