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Thread: Icons not showing up with Sencha Touch and Cordova for Windows 8

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    Default Icons not showing up with Sencha Touch and Cordova for Windows 8

    I have a fresh brand new install of Sencha Touch using Sencha CMD and I copied it to my web server, looks good.

    I then bundled it in to a Cordova application within Visual Studio and the icons don't seem to be working. I see a letter "H" and an "R" instead of the "Home" and "Action" icons.

    This is for a Windows 8 application.

    Any one have any luck fixing this? I've seen some other threads with similar issues but they don't seem to work or don't give great instruction.

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    Have you used a remote debugger to inspect the DOM to inspect the CSS styles?
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    Thank you for the response.

    Anything I have that has a debugger shows it as working correctly. It's only when I package it in to Cordova for Windows that they disappear.

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    I am having the same issue, on Android. I think it has something to do with the Pictos font not getting loaded properly in sencha-touch.css

    I'm looking into it. Could it be I'm forgetting to include a css file in my index.html?

    EDIT: Whoops, look like there was a typo in my base.css file inclusion.

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