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Thread: How to exclude all rtl from Sencha cmd theme build?

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    Default How to exclude all rtl from Sencha cmd theme build?

    I created a mixin like:

    @include extjs-button-small-ui(
    $ui: 'cancelicon',
    $glyph-color: #e75150,
    $background-color: $button-toolbar-background-color,
    $border-color: $button-toolbar-border-color
    When someone do this, he need to copy all the default*button*.png to cancelicon*button*.png, so doing a new copy of the same exact file... but I would like at least to handle the rtl version of the file because I really don't care about rtl.

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    We don't really have this option right now, but we have a feature request to automatically copy the missing images in a future version: EXTJS-15061.
    Israel Roldán | Senior Software Engineer (Framework tools)

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    This one is a mindboggler. I can't imagine how someone could possibly develop right-to-left support without making it configurable. And yet, here we are, years later, and it still isn't configurable. This cannot be hard to do!

    I'm building my theme a couple of times most days. After the (rather complicated) upgrade to Ext 6 from 5.1 the theme build has actually gotten slower rather than faster, so the rtl files, which we will never ever use in our application (same as most other applications), are even a bigger pain.

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    Can the RTL build now be disabled? (I have Sencha Cmd v6.0.2.14)
    Or, how can i see the progress on feature request EXTJS-15061?

    Kind regards,

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    Is it now possible to disable the complete RTL build? .... we are using Sencha Cmd 6.2.1

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